Robotics & intelligent automation consulting

Robot software development, focused on embedded systems, motion planning, computer vision, simulations, and ROS.

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Embedded Systems

Make the robot efficient

  • MicrocontrollersARM, AVR, micro-ROS, and Arduino
  • Single-board computersRaspberry Pi and Jetson Nano
  • Real-time control, PID, Motion generationRuckig
  • DSP for acoustic communications
  • UART, SPI, I2C, CAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • FPGA accelerationAltera and Xilinx

Mobile & Industrial Robotics

Make the robot move and plan

  • SLAMslam_toolbox and Cartographer
  • Navigation, Odometry, Localization
  • ROS driversros_control, integration, and deployment
  • Motion planning, Inverse kinematicsMoveIt and ikfast, Graspinggpd


Make the robot connected and tested

  • ROS, ROS 2, micro-ROS
  • CI/CDGitHub Actions and GitLab CI and containerizationDocker
  • C/C++, Python, JavaScript/Node.js
  • Web frontendReact.js and Vue.js, backendFlask, and databases
  • MessagingRabbitMQ, DDS, WAMP

Machine Learning

Make the robot intelligent

  • Object detection and segmentation with CNNsPyTorch, TensorFlow/Keras, and DarkNet
  • Reinforcement learningOpenAI Gym, PPO, SAC, Asymmetric Actor-Critic, CNN Observation Space
  • Image ProcessingOpenCV
  • Photogrammetry, Point cloud processing

Simulation & Visualization

Make the robot simulation

  • Robot modelingURDF, Webots
  • Environment modelingWebots, PyBullet, Gazebo


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